I use old world craftsmanship in contemporary designs to create my art pieces. My artworks are unique pieces both by design and due to the hand tool processes that I use to form the metals. I specialize in silver, copper, steel, and semi-precious stones. I love to create pieces inspired by nature and my life as well as commissioned art.

I have been working in metal arts since 1980. I have a Bachelor of Science in elementary education and special education from Boston University and a Master’s of Art in studio art and art education from Northern Arizona University. I believe in lifetime learning and both take and teach workshops throughout Arizona.

My job as an educator is to guide students toward their next level of need. In the case of metalwork techniques and design, I want students to stretch their comfort zones by learning and incorporating new skill sets into their own pieces. We discuss their designs and create a path toward achieving their goals. I truly enjoy watching students’ designs and goals develop in a workshop or class setting. I have taught Direct Metalwork Sculpture, Jewelry classes and workshops for Yavapai College, Arizona Knife Collectors Association, and Arizona Artists Blacksmiths Association.